Sunday, January 20, 2008

Closed Until Further Notice

I just wrapped this one up. I had made the buildings a while back, but the image lacked an interesting hook. I added these creepy pods and it did do the trick. This one was rendered in the very latest release of Maxwell Studio which is the stand alone aspect of Maxwell Render. I had to learn the package, and while it does have its quirks, I think I prefer it over the 3DS Max integrated Maxwell... If that makes sense.

The lighting came together just as I had envisioned, but please let me know if you think it could be better.

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jonesy said...

Too bad you can't view the artwork while you comment on it. It is my favorite among the three on this page though I like the others as well. The bleached wood toward the top of the builing are pleasing and eye catching especially with the lighting. The details withing the foundation of the buildings are interesting, the way you added different types of foundations brings age to the place. The pods are interesting indeed and stirs my imagingation as to who might have built them and what they look like. Another place of interest to me is in the dark passageway underneath the pods. Dark passageway, roots dangle, above you a hive like dwelling... nice. In closing the lighting really brings out the details of the piece and as a whole "Closed Until Further Notice" conjures stories within my imagination and lures me in to take a deeper longer look.